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Biggest Move Yet to Destroy Freedom Rights – Secret Courts

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‘The art of distraction’ - whilst we’re all looking in one direction and “they” know that they’ve got our attention with the help of “their” worldwide media covering a subject so close to our hearts and home and that affects all of us, - such as discovering we’ve been chomping of horsemeat in the guise of being a cow - and that this “news” dominated the world headlines for some weeks, though that mainly affected the working class masses, - so to help distract the middle-classes and fundamental Christian's all the attention was at Westminster and focused on whether to allow gay marriage in church,

...that under these guises; “they” were really working on another plan, - a plan much more sinister than finding out about horsemeat being in your burger or if Jesus would be turning in his grave, as "they" quietly used the Lions Paw and raised the corpse of its ‘Secret Justice’ Bill - that creates extraordinary new legal powers to keep official dealings hidden from us and to be able to detain people forever!

And it’s because of how important this plan is to “them”, that it appears “they” knew all along that this “horsemeat scandal” and gay marriage issue would soon hit the fan and that that these distractions would be the ideal time to sneak-in their secret agenda; as “they” recently slipped through this Justice and Security Bill.

This will include “Secret Court Hearings”, where you will have no right to legal representation or even be able to represent yourself!

What’s more revelatory about this Orwellian move, is that when such actions are taken, then we have to question; ‘Why is it MPs seem to work more easier as a “collective” when it comes to these types of Bills - and who are backing it?, yet why would they? Normally they're at odds with each other. Okay so you get the odd MP such as David Davis moaning and groaning, but that’s the act, it’s a game they are playing.

Why do they always seem to agree to such an introduction of unjust Bills knowing full well they should have nothing to do with them? After all the people didn’t vote for them to then sit down and devise plans on how to round up and imprison their fellow man. They are our public servants.

So it’s obvious the “orders” for those in the House of Commons come from an “outside” source and influence, - that you’ll find the majority of these members of parliament, and of course the U.S. Congress - and in fact all our worldwide governments - are also members of the very same secret society. There are at least three Masonic Lodges inside the Houses of Parliament alone.

How on earth can we permit them to be able to demand even more secrecy, when it should be the complete opposite; – the world is crying out for transparency – not more secrecy!

Just look at the colossal amounts of police and government cover-ups there’s recently been, let alone what’s happened in the past; Dr Kelly’s murder, WMD, and war on Iraq lie, - 9/11 and the 7/7 London bombings, the Hillsborough disaster, Jimmy Savile crisis and with the help of the BBC in general, who we know blatantly deceive and pump-out the Illuminati cabals own propaganda. Even when things are meant to be in the ‘open’, they have for years been covering-up in secret, yet they want even more secrecy!

This secrecy means if similar circumstances were to arise again, such as the outcome of the recent Hillsborough Inquiry, bringing justice to 97 families, then this type of case would have never even been heard of, as this new Bill gives the authorities the ability to keep the truth hidden and a secret forever.

Not overlooking the often strange happenings that start to take place just prior or after such travesties like 9/11, and that new laws are always introduced following such major events – and that the public has to be convinced; ‘it’s the right thing to do.’ What recently took place in Aurora and Sandy Hook; goes without saying these are the kinds of acts and travesties “they” need in order for them to then have the guile and say why they need to introduce such draconian measures, which were brought in by the Bush Administration follow 9/11.

Despite Obama recently announcing and backing a ban on automatic rifles etc., the fact of the matter is that there’s been an increase in Homeland Security in the USA and who have recently bought enough bullets that could shoot the entire U.S. population five times over with its 1.5billion rounds of hollow-point bullets, - which must be food for thought: ‘1.5billion bullets, - who are they really for then?’

Yet the biggest threat of them all and what affects everyone single one of us, is the introduction of The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 that gives power to the U.S. military to be able to arrest without any charges and indefinitely detain any American citizen for any reason and on grounds that the military does not even have to disclose to anyone!

This is a blatant abuse and disregard to habeas corpus, whereby any citizen cannot be detained for prosecution by a court of law without due process, and essentially having the right to know the charges being brought against him and the right to legal representation. This almost the same as our own Justice and Security Bill. We know what starts over there, and vice-versa, soon comes about as being law in either of our countries or continents.

This has nothing to do with “Terrorists” that we know are homemade and financed by the likes of the CIA and our own government Black-Ops programmes, so therefore invented, meaning their whole existence is false, - and that it is all to do with controlling us - and not some bloke with a rag on his head and flip-flops on his feet.

In the UK, if the Justice and Security Bill [1] becomes law this will permit judicial trials to be held in secret. Worst still it will even be illegal to tell anyone about it! This bill has now gone through all stages in the House of Commons and has been presented to the House of Lords for consideration, - which isn’t good news, for they too are members of the very ‘same’ secret society, - that they know such a Bill is in the interest of their society, that admits it’s a ‘society with secrets’!

The main slime-ball behind the introduction of this bill in the Commons is the Justice Minister Kenneth Clarke. His incredibly sad excuse for the purpose of the bill is to enable the government to defend itself against civil claims ‘with claimants typically seeking significant amounts in damages’, - when it’s more to do with the facts of the case that will no doubt reveal highly sensitive and embarrassing information if it was to become public. And besides, it’s the taxpayer who foots the bill, and a bill most don’t mind paying for, if it means everyone in life is entitled to the same legal rights and protection.

Remember; “Life’s a stage...” and all around us is “theatre”, which means the House of Commons is full of the “bad guys” and the House of Lords the “good guys”, whereas when the “bad guys” try and introduce a really dodgy Bill, they then bat it over to the ‘good guys’ who job it is, is to oppose such a Bill, find holes in it, etc. and then bat it back again after rejecting it.

The Lords passed two safeguards to slow the process down. The first said judges could grant the Government a secret hearing ‘only if other alternatives had already been considered, like, for example, asking permission from the judge in a case to withhold sensitive evidence altogether, under the longstanding system of ‘public interest immunity’, which is as good as a ‘yes’ anyway.

The second safeguard stated that judges could allow a secret hearing only after balancing the Government’s demand for one against the historic legal principle that justice must always be open, - which again is a ‘go-ahead’ and hardly a rejection or argument.

In mid February 2013 the passage of Amendment 55, was moved by the junior Justice Minister James Brokenshire, and both these safeguards were swept away. ‘In practice, it will now be very difficult for a judge to resist a closed hearing,’ one legal analyst said. - Under this Bill, it is now possible a prisoner in a British jail who tried to challenge his detention in the courts would remain incarcerated without hearing the evidence against him.

With this law passed the Government could insist on a closed, secret hearing, where it could present evidence denying such claims and no one could challenge it, because no one directly affected by the case would ever know what it was.

Though all this is just an “illusion” and gives the desired effect that it looks like we live in an open and honest democracy, and that it’s being given a fair and open hearing.

On the 5th February 2013, the same day of the vote on gay marriages, “they” slipped through the vote in the select committee which was rushed through at the last minute. The vote was held at the very same [time] as members were in the lobbies voting on the gay marriage Bill.

This law, when passed, as it will be, can then be applied to all and any offence, such as a traffic accident. If wanted, the accused persons will never be told of what they are charged off, and of course it is very unlikely they would be found ‘not guilty’ under such circumstances, as why else arrest under such? Activists could become main targets, as they’d never know why they are even being detained and could start disappearing without any legal process!

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