Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Potential False Flag Dirty Bomb Attack During NATO Summit?

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As the NATO Summit approaches, the possibility of a false flag attack or some sort of agent provocateur madness seems to increase on a daily basis.

Madison Ruppert, the founder of the alternative news outlet End the Lie, recently released a video breakdown documenting these very real possibilities.

“There is a large potential for something big to go on here.”

In a show of force and to the push the idea of fear, heavily armed security teams are set to make public appearances around downtown federal buildings throughout the week with hospitals being told to prepare for a potential dirty bomb attack.

This comes as Red Cross officials have claimed that they have received plans for a full scale evacuation of Chicago, a claim the city of Chicago will neither confirm nor deny. recently published an article that details the fact that gates at highway check points are being checked to make sure they are in working order to close and reopen roads, usually only used during some sort of bio terrorism related attack.

To top it off, the Joliet Correctional Center, jail closed in 2002, is possibly going to be used to house those arrested during the NATO Summit.

Although officials claim that only those committing serious offenses would be put in the center, the fact remains that history has shown that most of the time the exact opposite happens during any sort of globalist, world government plotting meeting.

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