Saturday, August 15, 2015

$25K Reward Offered for “Irrefutable Proof” Sandy Hook Massacre Was REAL

Memory Hole Blog
by James F. Tracy

Updated August 15, 2015

A man is offering $25,000 to any party who can substantively disprove his claim that the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was staged. Taking to YouTube as a platform one Joe Jones of Kentucky thinks the tragic incident was carried out with the aid of “crisis actors” at a building “decommissioned several years prior to the day of the event” because of “asbestos and mold.” By late 2012 “the building was just being used for storage,” he says in the video.

Sandy Hook was fabricated by somebody who decided, “Oh, we’re going to do a school shooting, and all of the fake actors who play out the parts of all of these victims are going to become filthy rich from fools who are sending money to them–millions and millions of dollars.

Jones addresses defenders of the official Sandy Hook narrative, who he derisively refers to as “liberals,” encouraging them to come forward with solid evidence of the shooting’s authenticity and demonstrate the sincerity of their claim by matching his $25K offer. The combined funds would be held in an escrow account while a third party private investigator–paid for by Jones– verifies the submitted evidence. If the document(s) prove valid the individual will then receive the $50,000 account balance.


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