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MH370: Evidence Suggests a Naval Intelligence / Israeli False Flag Operation was Exposed Before Execution of an Attack

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by Keith Maart On March 26, 2014, investigative journalist Chris Bollyn broke what has probably been the most important story to date on the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370). With the befuddled and clueless mainstream media (MSM) parroting what the government was telling them and some theorizing anything from black holes to alien abduction, Bollyn reported that there was a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 identical to MH370 which had been stored in a hangar in Tel Aviv since November 2013.[1] For those knowledgeable of Israel’s long history of false flag attacks, the implications of such a long shot “coincidence” were alarming and frightening.

In October 2013 a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based company, GA Telesis (“GAT”), acquired a 15-year-old Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 (“GAT’s Malaysian 777”) from Kuwaiti-based ALAFCO Leasing (lessor to Malaysian Airlines). GAT’s Malaysian 777 was flown to the relatively small and seasonal Tarbes Lourdes Airport in France’s Pyrenees mountains around October 4, 2013.[2] This movement of the plane coincidently occurred a week after President Obama announced that the US would seek diplomatic solutions with Iran regarding its nuclear program. While the plane was at Tarbes Lourdes, the Malaysian Airlines name on the plane was apparently painted over, although the signatory red and blue stripes on the fuselage remained. The actual sale and transfer of the plane to GAT appears to have occurred on October 21, 2013, as a new registration number in GA Telesis’ name was obtained at this time.[3]

Although GAT’s primary business is the scrapping and subsequent parts sales of planes, the fact that they re-registered this plane suggests that they probably did not intend to scrap it. Although GAT usually issues press releases when they acquire jumbo jets and state their intentions for the planes, no GAT press release was issued for this plane. In addition, no other information was found discussing this significant jet sale or GAT’s intended use of the plane.

A scrapping of this plane would be questionable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, in August 2012, Malaysian Airlines stated it had no plans to retire or add any Boeing 777s to its fleet.[4] Secondly, Telesis was ostensibly planning on scrapping an expensive jet that still had another 10+ years of expected average life remaining.[5] Indeed, two other Boeing jets that Telesis announced it was dismantling in July 2013 were about 22 and 27 years old.[6] Moreover, holding an expensive jumbo jet in storage for about 6 months and not doing anything with it does not make any economic sense.

Around November 4, 2013, GAT’s Malaysian 777 was flown to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, and reportedly has been there ever since. [7] On April 2, 2014, this author contacted Rebecca Longo, the Vice President of Aircraft Systems Group at GA Telesis, and asked her if GAT had a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 sitting in Israel. Ms. Longo confirmed that the jet was in Israel and awaiting disassembly. When I asked Ms. Longo why the plane was in Israel and why they would scrap such a young plane, she suggested that I talk to the CEO of GAT, Abdol Moabery. This author tried to call Abdol Moabery several times during the week of April 21, 2014, but he never replied.

Clarifying Note: A GAT press release of July 10, 2013, stated that another apparent Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 had begun to be disassembled by GAT in the USA.[8] The alleged serial number of this plane was MSN 24818, while the serial number of the plane purchased in October 2013 was MSN 24816. However, various public records do not show that plane 24818 was ever transferred from Malaysian Airlines to GAT.[9] Besides GAT’s press release, no other information was found that confirms GAT acquired this plane. Thus, the Malaysian Airlines 777 mentioned in GAT’s July 2013 press release (24818) does not appear to be the one acquired in October 2013 and discussed above (24816). Flight MH370’s serial number was MSN 24820. 

Evidence Suggests GA Telesis is an Apparent Front Company in an Attempted False Flag Operation

Abdol Moabery is the founder and CEO of GA Telesis. He started the company in early 2002 at the age of 34 after apparently just 7 questionable years in the aviation business.[10] I say “questionable” because all that is known about Moabery before he founded GAT is contained in a few sentences of a brief autobiography that can be found in several places on the internet.[11] There are many open questions about Moabery’s past and evidence suggests he may be associated with US Naval Intelligence and that GAT is an intelligence front company. Coincidently, Moabery and the Israeli Vice Chairman of a GAT subsidiary that can retrofit planes, Aviv Tzur, where aviation executives in the immediate area where 3 of the 4 alleged 9/11 hijacker cells were located.

According to Moabery’s internet biography, before starting GAT, he served in the U.S Navy and Navy Reserves, was Director of Marketing and Sales at C-S Aviation Services, and was then Executive Vice President of Aviation Systems International. Moabery does not provide the dates for his navy service and prior two jobs and provides very little additional information about them.

No information was found on Moabery’s naval career, including what units he served in and how long he served. However, background checks showed that Moabery lived in Jacksonville, FL, and Warrenton, VA. Jacksonville hosts a large and strategic US Naval Air Station and an intelligence unit called the US Navy Information Dominance Corps (NIDC). NIDC includes enlisted and civilian professionals who possess skills in information-intensive fields. It also receives extensive training in information, intelligence, counter-intelligence, networks, and space, and its mission is to deliver full-spectrum cyber information warfare and intelligence training to achieve decision superiority.[12]

Moabery’s potential involvement in NIDC (including as a reservist) or other military intelligence units would be somewhat hypothetical if not for the fact he also apparently lived in Warrenton, VA. Warrenton houses the Warrenton Training Center (WTC) which is a large classified government communication complex that has served many roles, most notably as a CIA signals intelligence facility, numbers station, and communications laboratory. WTC also has a communications and signals intelligence training school for various federal agencies including the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense and Department of State.[13] Since Moabery does not disclose anything about his navy career, a possible military intelligence background cannot be discounted.

An April 25, 2014 GAT press release states that they hired Dale Karraker as new Director of Government and Defense Programs. Coincidently, Karraker began his career as Cryptologic Technician for the US Navy and most recently Country Manager for a gas turbine company (Chromalloy, Inc.) in Saudi Arabia.[14] A Navy Cryptologic Technician performs a wide range of tasks in support of the national intelligence-gathering with an emphasis on cryptology and signal intelligence and generally maintains security clearance.[15] Given Moabery’s apparent station in Warrenton, he may have had a similar Navy intelligence background as Karraker.

Moabery’s first listed job as Director of Marketing and Sales of C-S Aviation appears to be a huge leap of responsibility given his previous navy experience and questionable college education.[16] C-S Aviation is a George Soros Company, and Moabery was allegedly responsible for the sales and marketing of a fleet of commercial aircraft. Moabery’s next job was EVP of Aviation Systems International (Boca Raton, Florida), where his responsibilities allegedly included oversight and management of all operations. ASI was a privately held company that was in involved in the jet scrapping and parts supply business and went bankrupt in 2004. This author found no evidence confirming that Moabery worked for either of the aforementioned companies.

Oddly, the only company besides GAT where Moabery’s name came up in an internet search is one that he does not list on his internet biography. Per a January 2008 New York Times article, Moabery invited ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to invest in and promote a closely-held start-up company (Skywatch LLC) that Moabery was a partner in along with Raytheon, a large US military contractor. Moabery tried soliciting Giuliani to Skywatch more than two years earlier, and according to the Times, Moabery left the company in December 2006 but remained a shareholder in its parent company. Skywatch’s main product was the Eagle-300, an electronic monitoring device to detect illegal aliens at border fences.[17] The full extent of Moabery’s relationship with Raytheon is not known, just like many things in his alleged professional life.

GAT is a privately held company and it is not known who all of its owners are or who supplied the money to start the company in 2002. With apparently 7 years work experience, it is unlikely that Moabery had the equity funds or the experience to obtain bank financing for his new business. GAT’s primary business of jumbo jet scrapping and parts supply (“parts out business”) is a capital intensive business that would require relatively substantial start-up money and bank financing. Being privately held, GAT does not report its financial results and it is not known what units generate the most business. GAT reports about a half dozen different divisions and one of GAT’s groups is its Defense and Government Systems Division.

There is little public information relating to GAT’s government and defense contracts but GAT lists on its website a half-dozen military aircraft that it supports and states that its defense division provides security and surveillance products and consulting and partnering services. GAT allegedly provides plane maintenance services for defense and government customers and in April 2013 entered into several agreements with Boeing Defense Services for inventory management on several planes Boeing provides to the military.[18] The full extent of GAT’s and Moabery’s military relationships is unknown.

In 2011, GAT acquired assets and certain liabilities of Ultimate Aircraft Composites (UAC), a Florida based Israeli-run company that specializes in the repair of aircraft. Per a GAT press release in January 2011, UAC is capable of supporting the repair and manufacture of a plane’s structural and composite components including flight control services and nacelle systems (parts separate from fuselage, including engines, fuel system, etc). UAC had several contracts for the repair of structural military components for various government and military agencies. Per GAT, “The addition of military component capability to our existing range of commercial and regional aircraft will allow us to complete the circle of complex composite and structural repair services.”[19] Given UAC’s Israeli management, there is a likelihood that UAC had contracts with the Israeli government.

UAC was merged into a GAT subsidiary named GA Telesis Composite Repair Group and several of UAC’s Israeli executives became officers and board members of GAT’s new subsidiary. UAC’s Chief Executive Officer, Aviv Tzur, was made Executive Chairman and is one of three board members of GAT’s Composite Group. Tzur is Chairman of the Florida Region Israeli-American Chamber of Commerce and Chris Bollyn confirmed that Tzur and other officers and board members of GAT’s Composite Group are Israeli citizens.[20] When Bollyn spoke to Tzur and told him that people who answered the phone at GAT’s Composite Group did not know who he was, Tzur told Bollyn that only the guys at the top would know about his position with the company.[21]

Last but not least, there appears to be a relatively significant disconnect between GAT’s alleged operations and what some public records show. GAT’s press releases over the last several years suggest that they have scrapped about two dozen planes.[22] However, Planespotters fleet history shows that GAT has only scrapped one plane and has sold the overwhelming majority of planes that it has acquired.[23] This discrepancy could indicate a front company whose operations are not what they state. Coincidently, GAT usually provides a quarterly summary of its acquisitions and operations within two to three months after each quarter but a summary for the fourth quarter of 2013 has not been provided nearly 4 months later.

Both GAT and Abdol Moabery have a number of appearances and characteristics of fronts for US intelligence, and Aviv Tzur’s addition to the company in 2011 provides a clear connection to the Israeli government and military. Without these individuals and institutions providing evidence and answers to the many critical questions about them, their possible involvement in what appears to be an exposed false flag operation cannot be ignored.

MH370 Apparently Flown to Diego Garcia: Navy Intelligence’s Part in the Exposed False Flag Operation

Despite weak, questionable, and conflicting evidence, the general consensus in the MSM is that MH370 appears to have followed a primarily southerly route and crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean (over 1000 km SW of Perth, Australia) after running out of fuel. This theory is primarily based on the alleged satellite data of a British satellite telecommunications company named Inmarsat. There are significant questions about the reliability of Inmarsat’s findings, not the least of which is that no other satellite data has confirmed them and that the company has extensive military contracts. No evidence from any source has been found to confirm Inmarsat’s findings.

The investigation into MH370’s disappearance has been filled with incompetence, cover-ups, and disinformation. The scope of this paper is not to rebut the loads of questionable and conflicting evidence, but to show that the evidence suggests that the plane was probably flown to a strategic US naval and satellite communication facility in the central Indian Ocean. On a small island named Diego Garcia, 450 miles from the Maldives, there is a US naval base with a runway that can accommodate jumbo jets. There is nothing else on Diego Garcia except for the US Navy base and its satellite communications facility.

Around sunrise at 6:15 AM on March 8, 2014 (9:15 AM Malaysia time), several residents on the Maldives island of Huvadhoo reported seeing a very low-flying jumbo jet. The residents provided good detail and described the aircraft as white with red stripes, which is very similar to the colors of MH370. According to some residents, the plane was flying so low they could see the doors on the plane. The residents stated that they sometimes see small seaplanes around the island, but this was the first time they ever saw a jumbo jet. People were coming out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise. The eyewitnesses say that the airplane was traveling in a southeast direction toward Addu, the last and most southern island in the Maldives.[24]

There are several important facts and observations that need to be made at this point:

  • Huvadhoo residents would have been the first (the sighting happened around sunrise) and last to see the plane before it reached Diego Garcia, which is mainly south of Huvadhoo. Although there was one more Maldives island (Addu Island, about 50 miles straight south of Huvadhoo) before Diego Garcia, the plane was reportedly traveling in a southeast direction apparently in order to miss Addu Island.
  • If the plane was flying so low that some people could see the plane’s doors and it was very loud, then it was probably flying no more than 500 feet above sea level. At this flying height, the plane was flying low enough to avoid conventional radar.
  • The time the plane was spotted was about 8.5 hours from take-off and it had flown roughly 2,200 miles, averaging approximately 250 miles per hour. (From Kuala Lumpur to the original destination of Beijing was 2,700 miles.) Although the plane had more drag at the lower altitude and would have gotten worse fuel mileage, the much slower than normal speed would have compensated for the greater air resistance.[25]
  • From the point where the plane was spotted, there was another 500 miles to Diego Garcia, or approximately two hours at its then current speed. 

The day after the sightings were reported in the Maldives media, the acting Malaysian transport minister stated that the Maldives reports were “not true,” based on a conversation between the heads of Malaysia’s and Maldives’ Defense Forces. Maldives National Defence Force stated there was no trace that MH370 had been picked up on their radar.[26] Of course not, the plane was apparently flying at around 500 feet and all other tracking devices have been intentionally turned off. The finding of the sightings being “not true” implies that the residents deliberately lied and no evidence or support was provided for this fact. Indeed, if the residents who spotted the plane were found to be intentionally lying in one of the most high profile international investigations in years, then it would likely be a crime and there’s no evidence they were charged with one. What would be the eyewitnesses motivation to tell such an alleged blatant lie?

As reported in the MSM, the head pilot of MH370, Capt. Zaharie Ahmed Shah, had a “sophisticated” self-built flight simulator in his house. Despite the FBI lying that they found nothing unusual on the simulator, several MSM organizations reported that Shah had Diego Garcia programmed into his simulator which suggests that he practiced flights to that remote island.[27] As a glance at Google Maps reveals, the closest easily-sighted amount of land to a direct path between the last-known location of MH370 and Diego Garcia is the Maldives, so it would make sense (especially if fuel was tight and navigation was uncertain) to aim for the Maldives en route to Diego Garcia.

A major Malaysian news organization reported that investigators found that Diego Garcia and its runway was among the top-five locations programmed in Shah’s simulator, along with Male, Maldives.[28] The only thing on Diego Garcia is the US Navy and commercial flights do not go to Diego Garcia. Given that Shah appears to have flown the plane at about 500 feet above sea level, practicing on a simulator would have been very helpful.

Diego Garcia is owned by the British government and is leased to the US government. US navy operations on the island include a large ship and submarine base, an air base, a communications and “space tracking” facility, and a logistics anchorage for regional operations, including for the Middle East. Diego Garcia was used as the launching pad for US bombers in both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and as a logistics supply hub.

Diego Garcia also happens to be the place where the US has several hundred “bunker-buster” bombs stored in event of a possible attack on Iran. The Scotland Herald reported in 2010 that a Florida-based shipping company (Superior Maritime Services) entered into a contract with the US government to ship 387 “Blu” bombs used for blasting hardened or underground structures.[29] Thus, Diego Garcia might well be a logical staging area for a false flag operation against Iran. Coincidentally, Superior Maritime Services does lots of military work and is located in the same Florida County (Broward) as GA Telesis.

With the bunker buster bombs stored at Diego Garcia, it’s probable that there is an Israeli presence there that is involved in the planning and preparation of a possible attack on Iran. It’s likely that there has been military coordination between the US and Israel and it would make sense that Diego Garcia would be used given its state of the art satellite systems (to identify Iran’s potential nuclear sites) and its probable use as a launch pad for possible bombing strikes against Iran.

Another significant unanswered question is why didn’t Diego Garcia’s sophisticated satellite systems pick up any data on MH370 given it allegedly flew within about one thousand miles of the base and allegedly crashed about 2,000 miles from Diego Garcia. There’s speculation that US military and intelligence did have the means to monitor MH370’s flight. Diego Garcia’s satellite systems would almost certainly have had the capability to pick up the same “pings” that Inmarsat’s satellite allegedly picked up.

The Feeble Framing of Iran and the Exposed “Plan A” of the Attempted False Flag Operation

For about the last decade, Israel and US neocon hawks have been trying to convince the world that Iran is six months away from producing a nuclear bomb, and the dire consequences if they’re not stopped. Israel’s cited source for this evidence is their vaunted intelligence services which have been proven wrong time and time again. Realizing that President Obama and the rest of the world is sick and tired of their “crying wolf,” Israel and certain neocon related elements within the US military and intelligence apparatus are clearly getting desperate for action which now appears to be in the form of a joint false flag operation to implicate Iran.

The Iranian connection to MH370 was established quickly when two Iranian men were found to have boarded the flight using stolen passports. Although many American MSM organizations have floated the theory that the Iranian men could have been party to a terrorism plot, most MSM organizations have not promoted it as likely theory. However, Fox News and its owner Rupert Murdoch have been aggressively promoting this theory along with the Israeli mainstream media. These false flag actors are clearly trying to set the stage that Iran is most likely behind MH370’s disappearance and that they are probably going to use the plane in some sort of terrorism attack.

One of the first signs that the fix was in on Iran, is when the UK Daily Mail noticed the obviously photoshopped picture of the two Iranian passengers on Flight MH370. The March 24, 2014, Daily Mail pointed out that both Iranian men had the exact same green pants, brown shoes, and leg positions in their photos.[30] In a very strange excuse, the Malaysian police said the image of one man had been accidently placed on top of the other when they were photocopied. MH370’s pilot’s apparent complicity in the diversion of the plane to Diego Garcia and the flagrant errors and cover-ups attempted by the Malaysian government may indicate certain individuals in Malaysia may have been recruited into the likely US/Israeli covert operation.

There are several different ways that a false flag attack involving two identical Malaysian Airlines 777’s could have been undertaken, but now that the plan has been exposed we will probably never know what was actually being planned. However, one possible scenario is that GAT’s Malaysian 777 in Tel Aviv was undergoing retrofitting for the operation that probably included such things as automated flight systems, Iranian/Russian parts, explosives, etc. The Malaysian Airlines name would be painted back on the plane and it would be used in another 9/11-type attack. MH370 would be disassembled at Diego Garcia and identifying parts would be placed at the crash site of the substitute plane suggesting that it was indeed MH370 and that the Iranians had retrofitted it for the operation.

Naval intelligence’s fingerprints are all over MH370’s disappearance, from it’s likely flight path to Diego Garcia to Abdol Moabery’s possible involvement in the Navy Intelligence. The fact that GAT had an identical Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting in a hangar in Tel Aviv is another long shot coincidence that is too hard to ignore. US and Israeli intelligence do not think inside the box and they were apparently up to some of their old tricks in the case of MH370. With hundreds of one-ton bunker buster bombs sitting in Diego Garcia dying to be used, the temptation of using them and attacking the second most significant oil rich country in the world was apparently too much for the US military and Israel to resist. Now that Plan A has been foiled, we’ll now have to wait awhile to see what Plan B has in store.

References and Endnotes

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Boeing 767 MSN

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Commercial banned in Switzerland

Live Leak
Too much truth?


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Fort Hood Job Posting: “Seeking Individuals To Act As Role Players… In A Mass Casualty Exercise”

by Mac Slavo

Speculation as to the circumstances surrounding the most recent mass shooting at Fort Hood abounds.

A recent posting on Craigslist is fueling the fire even more, with some suggesting that it is evidence of yet another government facilitated false flag operation.

According to a March 12, 2014 snapshot of a listing on the popular classifieds web site, the government was looking for individuals to act as role players to participate in a “mass casualty exercise” scheduled for March 17, 18 and 19 and to be held on base at Fort Hood, TX. Contractors were to be paid $100 for their participation.

Role Players for Military mock simulated disaster (Ft Hood)
Government contractor is seeking individuals to act as role players to participate in a ” mass casualty exercise ” on the FT Hood military installation.
Role players will participate in an exercise that will replicate civilians in the area that have been injured during a disaster that is used in the scenario. Role players will be medically treated during this exercise at numerous locations on Ft Hood.
The objective of this exercise is to train and assess medical units with regards to civilians that have been injured during a disaster.
We are seeking individuals to take part in this exercise on March 17, 18 & 19 Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and legal to work in the United States.
You will be paid upon completion of the exercise on the last day of work. Please contact Michael Boyd at (954)294-0526. An appointment will be set up to meet and further information will be given.
post id: 4372490185 posted: 2014-03-12 9:45pm

Here is a screen grab of the posting at, a historical database of the internet that captures the content of millions of web pages daily:

According to Craigslist the posting has been deleted from the web site by its author. It is not clear when the deletion took place.

As has been the case with many recent acts of terrorism on U.S. soil, it seems that police or military have often been engaged in training exercises that closely mimic the actual events, often during the exact same time as the “real” event was taking place.

This was evident during the attacks of September 11, 2001 when the US military was engaged in a training exercise involving North American Air Defenses. As the attacks on the World Trade Center were taking place recordings from civilian and military operators reveal that military chain of command wasn’t sure whether the events being portrayed were “real world” or training. Experts suggest that this confusion contributed to a complete meltdown in America’s national defenses.

But September 11th isn’t the only example.

Ahead of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary the Department of Homeland Security was staging a mock exercise just minutes away. A few days prior to the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting a university just 16 miles away had staged an exercise that eerily depicted a gunman shooting movie goers.

And, after the Boston Marathon bombing the Department of Homeland Security officially acknowledged “frighteningly similar scenarios” between an exercise dubbed Operation Urban Shield and the actual events that took place at the marathon. The drill itself was held in Boston, Massachusetts and happened to be taking place in a live environment at the Marathon and at the very moment that the bombings were being executed.

We can chalk all of this off to coincidence, but given that nearly every major terrorist act in the United States in recent years has been preceded by a military or Homeland Security exercise depicting similar scenarios within minutes of where the actual events took place, one can’t help but question the official narratives.

See also:

In Killeen, a show of support for Ft. Hood survivors, families 
LA Times
The shooting was a grim echo of the 2009 Ft. Hood attack, when Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan turned on the Army and his fellow soldiers, later saying he had switched sides to become a Muslim guerrilla fighter. 
Now Marie Jackson was struggling during Friday's service with the same question many in this military town face: How could a soldier shoot battle buddies he was trained to defend until death?
"Soldiers are supposed to be united," said Jackson, an Army veteran. "If you can't trust the military, who can you trust?"
Jackson, 58, is married to a fellow veteran who served in the first Gulf War and suffers from PTSD that's been aggravated by the attack.
"He's arming himself," she said. "For him, it's like he's in a war all the time. There's no break in it. And now he's like, 'I'm being attacked all over again.' "
Colleen Bispham felt the same way after her husband was locked down on the base until 10 p.m. that night.
"It took me back to five years ago," said Bispham, 47, a preschool teacher. "It came alive."
Michael Boyd was at Ft. Hood the day of the shooting, and said after Friday's service that the community was still coping.
Boyd, 29, an electrician, left Ft. Hood shortly before the shooting, but returned later that day. He said the mood was somber, with some residents still distraught. The streets were quiet, almost eerie, he said.
By Friday, the gloom and anxiety had lifted, he said, as people returned to work and daily routines. But he said it would take time for soldiers and their families to fully realize the gravity of what happened and to recover.
"Over the weekend, people are going to watch the news and it's going to sink in," he said.

* * *

This editor has a question:

* * *

Michael Boyd also advertised for Ft Lewis players last year:

Posting ID : B1015167779
Date Posted : 2013-06-12
Goverment contractor is seeking individuals to act as role players to participate in a " mass casualty exercise" on the Ft Lewis military installation. Role players will participate in an exercise that will replicate civilians in the area that have been injured during a disaster that is used in the scenario. Role players will be medically treated during this exercise at numerous locations on Ft Lewis. The objective of this exercise is to train and assess medical units with regards to civilians that have been injured during a disaster.
We are seeking individuals to take part in this exercise on June 23,25 & 27 Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and legal to work in the United States. You will be paid in cash upon completion of the exercise on the last day of work. Please contact Michael Boyd at (954)294-0526. An appointment will be set up to meet and futher infomation will be given.

'Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?' Grade-school students baffled as brands including Nike, iPods and Barbies appear in exam papers

Daily Mail

The use of well-known brand names in school tests has led to accusations that education boards are making product placement deals. Nike, Barbie and iPod were among the more famous brands to have appeared in a recent New York Common Core standardized English test taken by more than a million students in grades three to eight. Other brands included Life Savers and Mug Root Beer.

Outraged parents have demanded an explanation for why specific brand names were used in the tests - with some suggesting they've become little more than just another way of advertising to young children.

But New York state education officials and the test publisher insist the brand references were not paid product placement and just happened to be contained in previously published passages selected for the tests. Some critics claim the use of brand names for whatever reason is still commercializing exams.

Josh Golin, associate director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, said: 'It just seems so unnecessary.

It would be horrible if they were getting paid for it. But even if they're not, it's taking something that should not be a commercial experience and commercializing it.'

The test questions have not been made public and teachers have been barred from discussing them. But some have still posted complaints about the tests anonymously on education blogs.

They said many students were confused by the brand names, which were also accompanied by trademark symbols.

One mother Deborah Poppe, from West Hempstead, Long Island, claimed her eighth-grade son complained to her about named brands in the test. Big list: Barbie, iPod and Life Savers were also named in the test which was taken by more than a million children this month In one question a busboy failed to clean some spilled root beer — Mug Root Beer, to be exact, a registered trademark of PepsiCo.

She said her son asked: 'Why are they trying to sell me something during the test?', adding: 'He's bright enough to realize that it was almost like a commercial.'

Others claimed Nike appeared in a question about being a risk taker and included the line: '"Just Do It" is a registered trademark of Nike'.

Sam Pirozzolo, from Staten Island, whose fifth-grader encountered the Nike question, said there was apparently no reason for such a specific brand. 'I'm sure they could have used a historical figure who took risks and invented things. I'm sure they could have found something other than Nike to express their point.'

The use of brand names was one of several complaints raised by some educators and parents about the statewide tests, aligned to the Common Core standards intended to increase academic rigor. Some contend they are too difficult and don't measure what students are actually learning. While such general complaints about Common Core tests have arisen elsewhere, advocates said the prevalence of brand names appears to be specific to New York.

Representatives of the New York State Education Department and Pearson, the education publishing giant with a $32 million five-year contract to develop New York's tests, said the companies did not pay for the exposure.

'There are no product placement deals between us, Pearson or anyone else,' said Tom Dunn, an Education Department spokesman. 'No deals. No money. We use authentic texts. If the author chose to use a brand name in the original, we don't edit.'

Pearson spokesman Stacy Skelly said neither the company nor the education department received any compensation for the mentions. And if any brand comes up in a passage, she said, 'the trademark symbol is included in order to follow rights and permission laws and procedures'. Nike and Wrigley, the maker of Life Savers, said they were unaware they were mentioned on the tests. Other companies declined to comment or did not return messages.

Some advertising experts said the idea of product placement on a test is inappropriate and fraught with peril.

'If any brand did try to place there, what they would lose from the outrage would surely trump any exposure they got,' said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a marketing professor at Golden Gate University.

Kelly O'Keefe, a marketing professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, said he is a fan of brands but there are places where they don't belong. 'Education, religion and civic life are places where brands are unwelcome,' O'Keefe said. 'It would be wise for Pearson to avoid using brands in their testing even if they're not paid for by the brand itself.'

Others endorsed the position of New York state educators — that brand names belong on the tests because they are part of the world students inhabit. 'Brands are part of our lives,' said Allen Adamson, managing director of the New York brand consulting firm Landor Associates. 'To say they don't belong in academia is unrealistic.'

Monday, April 14, 2014

Marathon IED Drill Ran One Month Before Actual Bombings

Victory Post

One month before the Boston Marathon was attacked with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the Massachusetts State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) hosted a Pre-Boston Marathon Tabletop Exercise. One of the exercise scenarios happened to be an IED explosion during the Marathon. This Lessons Learned document from FEMA details several exercises that were viewed as helping to prepare for the attacks that took place during the Boston Marathon. It states that, “on March 14, 2013, the MA State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) hosted the annual Pre-Boston Marathon Tabletop Exercise,” with a scenario, “focused on an IED explosion.”

Another Lessons Learned document from FEMA mostly repeats the previous one without the specific date, but makes clearer that the drill was for, “an IED incident during the marathon.”

This adds to several other examples of terrorism drills and exercises being planned and run during and around the time of the Boston Marathon.

Last year, a reliable eyewitness running the Marathon reported that there was a drill taking place during the event. Alastair Stevenson, the Cross Country Coach for the University of Mobile Alabama, had run numerous marathons but had never experienced the kind of security activities he saw going on at the Boston Marathon that day., an NBC affiliate from Mobile Alabama, interviewed the coach, who questioned whether there might have been some foreknowledge of the attack. Stevenson, told the local newscasters that, “they kept making announcements on the loud speaker that it was just a drill and there was nothing to worry about. It seemed like there was some sort of threat, but they kept telling us it was just a drill.”

The coach’s eyewitness account intensified concerns for many, that security officials had foreknowledge of the attacks and were not being honest with the public. The mainstream media virtually ignored this possibility and instead attacked those who dared to raise the issue. Numerous articles were written, mocking and deriding “conspiracy theorists” yet no major media wanted to talk to the coach from Alabama, whose story had helped spark the “theories.” The majority of the pieces written to debunk challenges to the official account just ignored the story completely.

Attempting to find out what other evidence existed of drills being run during the event, I spent several hours searching online and found statements from a Homeland Security analyst explaining that the Boston Marathon is secretly used to run disaster drills for training purposes. I posted an article on April 18th including the analyst’s statements, and other information I found, making clear that since at least 2007, emergency planners were holding disaster drills and terrorism exercises during the Boston Marathon without the knowledge of the participants or spectators.

In the article I included two presentations I dug up while searching government websites. Both are from the former Chief of Boston EMS, Richard Serino, who was appointed by Obama, as FEMA’s Deputy Administrator in 2009. The first presentation was dated from 2007 and mentioned the Boston Marathon being used in, “Planned Disasters” under the section, “Special Operations.”

The second presentation from 2008 titled, “Marathons – A Tale of Two Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event,” recommends utilizing, “special events and drills as opportunities to plan and train together…” The section titled, “Working with the Media,” states, “Their mission is to get a story. Building a longstanding relationship with journalists and reporters ensures that they get the right story and that they serve as a resource when needed.”

In the article, I highlight a quote from the former policy analyst stating, “Massachusetts is better prepared for a real disaster because every Patriot’s Day and Fourth of July is treated as a ‘disaster.’ He explains that organizers see these, “annual gatherings of hundreds of thousands of people” as perfect opportunities to, “evaluate new technologies” and “exercise disaster plans,” and that they are making the, “citizens of Greater Boston safer in case of a natural catastrophe or terrorist attack.”

Writing for, Lucien G. Canton suggests that the exercises being run during the Marathon were the reason there were so few fatalities in the attacks. He states that the, ”Boston EMS, as a matter of policy, treats the Boston Marathon and other large events as a mass casualty event. That means that all the equipment, facilities and staff required to respond to a mass casualty event were fully deployed at the time of the attack.” He clarifies that, “this does not mean they were ‘on alert’ or ‘on standby’ but were actually in the field…”

While researching Boston terrorism drills immediately after the attacks, the Operation Urban Shield training program kept coming up. I noticed that Boston had just ran the Urban Shield exercises in November of 2012, and doubted that they would have one scheduled so soon afterwards. Trying to find out when the Urban Shield exercise was scheduled for 2013, I checked the Boston Urban Shield website, but it was taken down at the time, showing only blank screens. Alternative news website, Truthstream Media covered the connection between Urban Shield and the Marathon attacks, highlighting how close the training exercises in 2011 and 2012 were to the real events. But no information had been released yet about Urban Shield 2013.

A few months later Anthony Gucciardi turned up an article from the Boston Globe which had acquired documents detailing plans for Urban Shield 2013. It turns out that, at the time of the bombing of the Marathon, officials in Boston were planning an exercise scenario that involved a domestic terrorist group that would plant backpacks full of explosives around Boston. The drills would require a massive collaboration of the very same law enforcement agencies using the same emergency response and investigation strategies that were required during the actual terror attacks.

Globe reporter Maria Cramer wrote, “before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack in frighteningly similar fashion.” The documents were given to the Boston Globe by an anonymous official who told them, “the real thing happened before we were able to execute.” The official chose to remain anonymous because the, “details of the planned exercise were confidential.”

The coincidences in the planning went further, “in the scenario, the terrorists would flee police in stolen cars…” and investigators, “would have to track down footage of the bombers caught by street surveillance cameras and the phones of ‘witnesses.’ “There were also false leads to keep investigators guessing,” the official told the Globe. Investigators in the drill, “would have to call on intelligence analysts to figure out which terrorist cell might be threatening the city.”

As amazing as the story was, I couldn’t find any other articles in the Boston Globe about it. No follow up, no statements from the groups running the program, no other coverage in the major media. There were plenty of articles attacking conspiracy theorists, and plenty of coverage of the most inane details of the attacks, but again they were silent on this particular story.

So how many IED drills were being run and planned around the race last year? And if these drills are so effective why aren’t the officials saying anything about them to the public? Was the Boston bombing a “dry-run disaster” that went live? Were the Tsarnaev brothers working as informants involved in a drill or as part of an FBI terror plot? As we approach the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Boston we are still waiting for the authorities to come clean on all the exercises and drills concerning the Marathon, and we are still waiting for the mainstream media to ask some questions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A DARK AGENDA: How Disney is Cultivating Our Childrens’ Imaginations

21st Century Wire

Disney. What could be more wholesome and innocent?

You might want to take a second look at some of that wholesomeness…

Firstly, we can take a look back at some older Disney animated cartoons, some of which are fairly disturbing when you consider the themes that are being conveyed to impressionable young minds. As an exercise, watch the clip below carefully, and try to understand what ideas would a four or five year old take on board after seeing this scene:

In recent years, multimedia advances have enabled Disney to roll out much more complex and technically refined products. Numerous researchers and commentators have been reporting on Disney’s extensive entertainment emporium, with applied psychology found in content ranging from subliminal messaging to sexual and occult imagery, and other adult themes – all subtly placed within all of its children’s animated films.

If any parent took the time to examine in close detail what images and concepts Disney is actually producing through its programs, they might think twice before handing their children’s imagination over to this corporation…

Disney is a culture factory, but what is exactly is it producing, and why?

There are numerous young men who are processed through the Disney child factory, but a much greater percentage of the ‘credentialed’ US mega pop and Hollywood female stars were in fact groomed and trained in the Disney stable – including Demi Lovato, Emmy Rossum, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Christy Romano, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. These are all “graduates” of the Disney Empire finishing school for young girls.

Perhaps unknown to the youngsters and their parents, their journey as child performer quickly transitions into sexual icon, once they’ve turn 18. In fact, each and every Disney girl listed would eventually release “leaked nude photos”, or gain huge media exposure following a nude, or sex scene in a film. After the routine ‘nude photo’ or sex tape is “leaked”, the public are then given a PR consultancy pre-digested response, along the lines of:

“I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

In the debauched world of Hollywood, where it’s known that young women, and men, are mere commodities for the all power studio executives, agents and lawyers, this news might not seem like such a big deal. But when one considers how much effort Disney goes to in order to paint itself, on the surface anyway, as a wholesome American brand, parents should really question what its true corporate values are beyond the PR speak. Parents should also consider how nearly each and every child and teen idol who survives through the Disney meat grinder as a mainstream personality goes through an identical progression into an adult female sex icon, including the nude photos. Is it a right of passage for a ‘Disney girl’, or is it simply part of a standardized program? One thing is for certain: it is no coincidence.

Is Disney’s role in American society to sexualize young people and degrade morality through its use of subversive psychological conditioning?

In fact, any proper examination of the Disney cultural machine will take you to some very dark corners of applied behavioral psychology. Some of its early works are quietly disappearing from public view, and for good reason, or so it seems…

Hidden in plain sight

Brasscheck TV

Disney – It’s one of a small handful of media giants that controls what Americans see do and don’t see.

It also has another role. Someone once described it as the “colonization of children’s imaginations.”

It’s a pretty interesting business model. Buy (the rights to fables like) Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and other traditional tales, recast them in your own image, and then OWN them – and thus access to the imaginations of children.

Disney is expert at two things: 1) stealing ideas from others (research the origins of “The Lion King”), and 2) suing those who “infringe” on their intellectual property rights.

They also appear to have another agenda going – why have the early works of Walt Disney been all but erased from public consciousness? It didn’t start with Mickey Mouse…

We recommend you invest some time in watching “The Early Works of Walt Disney.” For starters, go to:

Monday, April 7, 2014

“Within 5 Years” – Robot Replacement of Human Workers Predicted to Accelerate

Activist Post
by Nicholas West

It has previously been theorized that all humans will be outsourced to robots by the 2045 date of The Singularity. However, we already are seeing the rapid replacement of workers in a wide variety of areas, and it is having an undeniable economic impact.

The science of artificial intelligence is being fully embraced by all of the major tech companies. With such investment behind various robotic and A.I. initiatives, we are beginning to see a strong acceleration toward replacing humans as completely as possible.

One entrepreneur in the field is now saying that for specific jobs there very well could be 100% replacement in just 5 years.

The economic elite have not hidden their agenda of replacing human labor with machines. Speaking at the most recent Davos economic conference – widely considered to be the elite economic forum to discuss trends and political strategy – an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jeremy Howard, had some stunning announcements that indicate a major shift in employment is set to occur very soon.

Howard stated that we have hit a critical threshold where machine intelligence is performing better than even the leading experts in the fields of medicine, science, and banking, among others. Howard went on to assert that we are about to encounter conditions akin to those that occurred after the Industrial Revolution replaced manufacturing and agricultural workers to a vast degree.

And this is for highly skilled labor. But as A.I. entrepreneur and owner of London Brand Management, Dmitry Askenov, asserts – salespeople, call center staff and customer service personnel are really on the chopping block. In these types of information acquisition and information relay jobs, computers could function faster and with a far lesser degree of error. As Askenov’s company website indicates:

For example, if someone asks a question, the system understands it and finds an answer, and gets back in the same tone of voice; it ‘echo’s’ the sentiment. If the same person asks five more questions, the system understands this person is engaging with the product and can notify one or more of the appropriate people in the organisation who can then follow up the customer’s interest. The only difference between how a real human would do this and our system is the speed of the reply and that our system is tireless – it can work 24/7/365 and can reply to a potential customer’s question with the correct information in milliseconds.
Our system, like a human, understands natural language such as questions and feedback as well a the product knowledge held by clients and in the public domain. It then finds the required information, performs programmed actions and replies as a human would. (Source)

Some people might believe that computers are still in the stages of merely processing information and could never communicate in a human manner to be equally effective where social cues are concerned. Not so, says Askenov:

It not only reads the keywords and understands the kind of information you are trying to learn; it also interprets context, sentiment, and can even understand humour. It also remembers and learns as you talk to it, so it’s capable of having a proper conversation.
[...] Within five years we will have a system that truly knows more than a human could ever know and is more efficient at delivering information. (emphasis added) [Source]

The rapid development in artificial intelligence is what has led to such seemingly outlandish predictions such as those made by Professor of Computer Science, Moshe Vardi, when he stated thatall human work will be fully outsourced to robots and robotic machine intelligence by 2045. But we need to keep in mind that this is not some sort of overnight switch that gets thrown; it is happening right now, as technology is already killing middle class jobs.

Apparently no one seems to be immune … not even this writer. Another recent article really got my personal attention – robot journalism. It seems that indeed robot journalists are populating the Internet. So far, they have been relegated to statistical acquisition articles, such as sporting events, financial reports, and earthquake news. However, as Singularity Hub reported, more news is being written by the proprietary A.I. program from company Narrative Science than you might think:

Forbes is open about its use of Narrative’s software, including an explanation in the article. The LA Times earthquake story, written by an algorithm created by one of their staff, included a disclaimer. But many more big sites anonymously use algorithms to write simple stories.
Narrative’s approach can be applied elsewhere too. The firm recently launched an app that works with Google Analytics to transform raw website metrics (traffic, sources, referrals, demographics) into accessible, natural language reports. These could be useful in any business, a kind of automated analyst to help make sense of big data sets. (Source)

Remembering that this type of technology is exponential in its evolution, we are presented with predictions that a robot journalist could win the Pulitzer prize within 5 years, which precisely echoes the time frame given by Askenov for call center staff replacement. Narrative Science goes on to claim that 90% of all news articles could be A.I. generated by 2030.

I am left hoping that these predictions are just wishful thinking from company spokespeople with a product to sell. In the meantime, if you have any news tips, please send them my way in the comment section below.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Bill of Rights has been Revoked!

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
by Matthew Peavy

While you were focused on the missing Airliner, there was a little case being heard in front of the Supreme Court called U.S. v. Castleman. The case was a landmark win for the gun control left wing, but what no one realized, is that our Constitution no longer affords us “rights.”

No longer rights that are inviolate

The case was decided March 28, 2014. The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Bill of Rights is no longer made up of “Declaratory and Restrictive Clauses.” They are judicially now perceived as “privileges. A “privilege” can be revoked for the slightest of legislative causes, but a “Right” is “Forever Inviolate” … We the People no longer have that.

U.S. vs Castleman

The case was about domestic violence, a cause we can all get behind. But, in the end, the Supreme Court has taken away not just domestic violence abuser’s right to bear arms, but all of the people, and in turn has made all of the Bill of Rights void, and made it a Bill of Privileges that can be revoked.

The Preamble states:

“The Conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further Declaratory and Restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

While the Constitutional Conventions desired further declaratory and restrictive clauses, the Supreme Court has now taken our rights without anyone noticing and replaced them with privileges. It’s time to wake up America, first this year the NDAA gives Obama the power to arrest anyone without reason and detain them indefinitely. Now we have our Constitution shredded, and still we just move on like nothing has happened.

There is a movement in the country that is gaining momentum called the Constitutional Emergency. It may be our best hope at restoring the America we all loved. Patriots are needed and sacrifices will be made — – if you loved the way things used to be and the way the founders intended, check them out and pray that we that make the journey succeed.

The FBI Kills a Boston Bombing Witness

RINF (Audio)
Via This Can’t Be Happening
by  Dave Lindorff

Just after midnight on May 22, 2013, after 4 and a half hours of interrogation, and shortly after a potential witness was ordered from the scene by a second FBI agent, the FBI agent investigating a critical witness in the Boston Marathon bombing case shot and killed Ibragim Todashev in his own apartment in Orlando, Florida.

The agent fired three bullets into Todashev’s back, apparently as he was trying to flee a brutal interview, and then, when he turned, possibly to surrender, he was shot in the arm and the heart, and hit with a coup de gras into the top of the head. Host Dave Lindorff reports on this story of an apparent FBI rub-out, and guest Elena Teyer, Todashev’s mother-in-law, offers her theory on why the Bureau may have arranged this killing.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sixth Graders' Common Core Homework: Remove Two Rights from Bill of Rights

CNS News
by Barbara Boland

An Arkansas mom was disturbed to learn her sixth grade daughter's homework was to "prioritize, revise, prune two and add two" amendments in the Bill of Rights. The homework, part of the controversial Common Core curriculum, said that the Bill of Rights is "outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer."

A copy of page 1 of the assignment:

And page 2 here.

Lela Spears was particularly disturbed because her daughter's Sixth Grade History class "had received no prior training in civics or how to amend the Constitution, which may lead those children to incorrectly believe that it can be changed by a 'special committee' as suggested by the assignment," Digital Journal reported:

"After she brought it home and explained her assignment to me, it made me question exactly what she was being taught. Where I can see a class using critical thinking skills to modernize the words, as to help them better understand the Amendments, giving an assignment to remove two then add two with little explanation as to why is upsetting," Lela Spears said.

The first ten amendments to the Constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights, contain amendments that guarantee the right to free speech, assembly, the right to bear arms, due process, trial by jury, no cruel or unusual punishment, and limits to Federal power.

This homework was part of the Common Core curriculum which parents have been clamoring to replace in several states. Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton are very public fans of the curriculum. contacted Devin Sherrill from Bryant Public School District for comment, who provided a statement (Facts Regarding Bill of Rights Assignment (1).pdf) by the district on the incident explaining:

"In cases like this, it's necessary to look at the curriculum as a whole. When taken out of context, it's difficult to find the intent of the assignment. Seen as a unit of study, it should be clear that students discussed the process of writing the Constitution, were given instructions on the Bill of Rights and asked to apply that knowledge to a project based assignment..."

The press release does not explain why curriculum writers felt part of learning about the Bill of Rights included asking children to remove two of them.

Are any of the rights unnecessary? Which is more important to you: freedom of speech, or freedom of religion?