Saturday, March 24, 2012

Death By A Thousand Cuts

by Jurriaan Maessen, Mar. 24, 2012
As yet another voice within the scientific community joins the choir
the tremors of tyranny are being felt all over the surface of freedom - which sadly is already extremely thin. This is by no means the first call for world government. It’s routinely being called for by all creatures that rock to the rhythm of globalism. And it is this particular species of the human race we should turn our attention towards.

There was a time when we were enveloped in the everyday bustle of our lives, pursuing simple pleasures- now we find ourselves, almost without knowing it, armed and ready for battle.

Whether we know it or not, we as freedom-loving people are slowly but surely amassing on a huge field of battle. The entire transition runs along the strangest lines- with sudden changes and lapses, with cinematic cross-references and dream-like winks, allowing no time for analysis on the spot but all the more for wonder and awe, leaving us wondering how on earth did we end up fighting a battle we never sought. It seems we were summoned to secure the interests of life, and by securing them we throw our weights onto the enemy that’s in front of us. Like the warrior, we do not have the luxury of moving around the pieces on the chessboard, or change our minds at pleasure. Nothing is easy. Every strike counts.

Every call for world government, every disclosed diary, every bold statement on reducing human population (and every subsequent global policy directive) is indicative of certain subsurface activities - of broader stirrings which are so all-engulfing in nature, that the only way not to be overwhelmed by them is to concentrate on the symptoms through which the disease reveals itself. Although all news is symptomatic in the end - all “current events” mere shadows dancing on a screen - the way to engage the enemy is to snatch these shadows from the screen, pull them by the tail and expose them for what they really are: phantoms created by the elite. As soon as these phantoms are exposed to clear skies, the shadows will cease to be shadows and disappear. An effective way of countering the road to disaster mapped out by the elite is to catch the criminals at every turn, and do it every time- that’s the trick. And this will ensure the structure these people have constructed around the planet will fall. Because the devil’s in the details, as the saying goes, it is the details we must now target.

Acting along the principle of “death by a thousand cuts” will eventually bring the puppet masters to their knees. Anything too great in the onset will quickly collapse under its own weight.

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